Motorized Blinds

We live in a day and age where technology has taken over. We have mini-computers at our fingertips and the ability to talk to inanimate objects–and even have them respond. (Thanks, Siri.) While it’s crazy to think about the development of technology over the years, it’s also now unimaginable to think about how we would survive without all of it! Embracing technology in the home can change your lifestyle significantly. Here are some reasons to add motorized blinds and shades to your home.

Start Your Day Off Right

Do you have to wake up at 6 AM sharp during the week? You’d probably want your bedroom to stay dark as possible throughout the night and right up until you have to begin your day. How about as you make your way down to start coffee? There’s no need to turn on the lights–your motorized blinds follow your schedule, and right on time, they’ve opened to let in that perfect glowing morning light. By the time you’ve had your coffee, you head upstairs, and your bedroom has transformed itself. Your top down shades have lowered themselves just enough to invite in the natural light while still giving you the privacy you need to get yourself ready. Talk about intuitive technology. How about the weekends? That can be saved differently in your settings so your motorized blinds don’t move until you do.

Life With Kids

I’m sure the idea of sleeping in on the weekends sounds blissful…especially if you have children. The reality is, once you have children, sleep takes on a life of its own. But motorized blinds and shades can help. For one thing, if you don’t have room-darkening solutions in their bedrooms, that’s the first problem. Trying to put them to sleep at bedtime? Want them to sleep later in the morning? How about reducing nighttime wakeups? Blackout solutions can be a lifesaver towards better sleep for your entire family. And, motorized blinds and shades can help make life so much easier. It’s touch-of-a-button activation so you control the atmosphere at the touch of a button. Tired of trying to wrangle your teens out of bed for school? Schedule your shades to get their day started. As the sun starts rising, they can, too.

Perfecr For Pets

Remember how we said you control your home at the touch of a button? Motorized blinds and shades are capable of that–and so much more. You can help your pets during the day with settings that make the environment all that they need it to be. You know that regular foot traffic, like the mail carrier and the kids coming home from school, can cause excitement. Schedule your motorized blinds and shades to adjust around those events. Maybe you’re sitting at work and you get an alert from your home integration system that your dog is causing a stir. You realize that the neighborhood kids are coming home from early dismissal. What to do? With the app on your smartphone, you simply close the window coverings, letting your dog relax. It’s that easy. And yes, motorized blinds and shades integrate with smart home technology systems, giving you all the ease and convenience you’ve dreamed of.

Adjust For Weather

Here in Colorado, much of what we do is based on time of day and the amount of sunshine and heat. Motorized blinds and shades are perfect for Colorado homes for the energy efficiency they can offer. Getting ready in the morning, having your coffee, letting your pet have a view out…those are all simple adjustments, but who has the time to perform the changes over and over? Let motorization and the schedule that fits your home and lifestyle do all the work. It’s a great option for those who aren’t home all day. Motorized blinds and shades let you enjoy all the benefits of natural light while providing the protection you need throughout the day with energy efficiency and UV protection.

Motorize Your Environment

Motorized blinds are a great addition to any home. You can personalize the settings, change your window coverings from any location using your phone, and feel comfortable knowing you have complete control.  Our team, at 303 Shutters and Shades, is here to answer any questions you may have—especially if you’re unsure about technology!

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